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Crazy Weather!!!

by - 8:45 PM

This picture was taken on Monday which was 14 of December... So what is so special about this picture??? Can you see the temperature??? A mind boggling 46 degree Celsius!!! Really crazy weather... But guess what makes it so crazy???

An hour later, the temperature drop to 26 degree Celsius... Just an hour and it drops 20 degree Celsius... Crazy isn't it??? And this is not all...

Suddenly a crazy torrential storm came out of nowhere... Never expected this to happen... An hour earlier it was so hot that I'm almost melted and an hour later, a crazy thunder storm happen so suddenly that I'm almost shocked by it... Haiz... I guess the weather is turning haywire... Sign of global warming??? Or the end is really near??? 2012??? Hmm only time will tell...

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