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What A Stupid Idea!!!

by - 10:49 PM

A few days ago, both me and my darling went to Carrefour for some groceries... The guard at the entrance forbid us from going in because my darling had her notebook bag with her... Ok then what shall we do??? She asked us to hand over the bag... Without saying anything, she took out a cable ties and tied it onto the zip... In my mind I was thinking wow this is going to take some time... But to my surprised, she only tied one of the zip and let us in after that... What's the point of doing this??? Stupid wasn't it!!! If people really want to steal, they can cut of the cable ties as well... In my opinion, they are doing something really stupid and I'm very sure the management of Carrefour are not SOBER and definitely not thinking with their brain when they implement this!!!

A few days later, I went to Tesco and this time I'm carrying my camera bag with me... When we reached the entrance, the guard as usual stop us from going in... This time is a HE... He asked me what's in my bag and I told him camera and he just let me in... I really like this because it save me some hassle of removing my bag and let the guard tied a cable ties onto ONE of the zipper!!!

Carrefour please learn from Tesco!!!

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