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Lowepro Flipside 300

by - 8:37 PM

This is my new camera bag... Lowepro Flipside 300... I decided to change back to backpack instead of using my shoulder bag because I find that shoulder bag is really uncomfortable when using it for an extended period... A backpack distribute the weight evenly on your shoulder so is much more comfortable... So back to backpack again!!!

There are two reasons why I choose the Lowepro Flipside 300... First is because of the incorporated tripod holder... I really like this features a lot... I seldom bring out my tripod because I find it troublesome to carry it around... So with the Flipside 300, finally I can solve my problem once and for all... The second reason that I choose this bag is because of security... Can you notice that there is no zipper in the front of the bag??? The only way that you can access to your gear is from behind... I find this features really interesting and I think is really good when you use it for travelling...

A small compartment on the side of the bag... This compartment is good for storing small items such as memory card, pen, cloth and etc...

I can fit in all my gear into this bag... The arrangement is much better as compare to my previous Tamrac shoulder bag... The padding is also much more thicker and you can rest assure that your gear is in safe hand!!!

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