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Through My Window from ???

by - 2:08 PM

I guess everybody's talking about this song right now... This song manage to create a stir in our entertainment scene because the way they do it is rather unique... First of all, nobody knows who the singer is... But my guess is it is more of a band instead of a solo singer... Secondly, the way they distribute their song is also unique... You can head over to http://everyoneconnects.net/ and start listening for FREE... They even let you download it for FREE... Best of all they also provides the lyric... This is too good too be true...

I really like this song as I'm more towards band and rock music... The music is really catchy and the lyric is good as well... Not surprising because Malaysia produces very good rock band in my opinion...

So the final question is still the same... The one that everyone's dying to know... WHO IS BEHIND THIS and WHO IS THE SINGER/BAND???

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