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by - 1:24 AM

Arggg!!! Need to wait for 'SAW VI'!!! Wish I can continue watching tomorrow... In my opinion, I think 'SAW V' is much better compare to 'SAW IV'... Now almost everything is clear... How John becomes Jigsaw and also who is his accomplice... Damn it, now I need to wait for the next sequel...

The last 2 movies are not as twisted as the previous 3... Maybe they run out of idea to twist and shock or maybe I'm immune to it already??? I really like the first 3 'SAW'... They really twist and turn the plot and after that, they shock you at the end... Simply awesome... Hopefully the upcoming 'SAW VI' will follow the footsteps of the first 3 movies... Too bad, 'SAW IV' and 'SAW V' cannot replicate what I felt for the previous 'SAW'...

Just like 'The Final Destination' franchise... The first movie is so damn good... But the subsequence movies are really shitty... Luckily 'SAW' is not as bad... I definitely won't call 'SAW IV' or 'SAW V' shitty because the storyline and plot is still interesting... Nevertheless I will still continue to follow the 'SAW' franchise... Now what I can do is keeping my finger cross for the upcoming movie!!!

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