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Square One Shopping Mall @ Batu Pahat

by - 9:15 PM

Re-opening of Parkson in Batu Pahat... There used to be a Parkson in Batu Pahat... But too bad, they decided to close it down more than a decade ago...

Square One... The latest shopping mall in Batu Pahat... Hmm I guessed a lot of you guys must be wondering why such a WEIRD name... Basically, the exterior of Square One was hmm you guessed it... SQUARE!!! But to me, it was more like rectangular... No fancy exterior design... To me, it was kinda boring... But at least, Parkson was there... Besides Parkson, there was a new cinema called MBO... It was a god sent cause before this, there was only 1 cinema in Batu Pahat... GSC had monopolized it for a very long time... Other than MBO, there was another new cinema called Big Cinema located in Batu Pahat Mall... At last, Batu Pahat residence got other cinema to go now... Cause frankly speaking, Batu Pahat GSC sucks big time!!! Is about time... Let the game begin!!!

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