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Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!!

by - 10:16 PM

Hmm don't know what to eat while walking alone in 1 Utama this afternoon... Until I saw this signboard!!! Decided to eat Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for lunch... Before the McValue promotion, I seldom eat Spicy Chicken McDeluxe... The reason for this was because it was kind of expensive... In fact, it was one of the most expensive burger in McD menu... Luckily McD decided to include Spicy Chicken McDeluxe to the McValue menu... Hooray from me McD!!!

As usual, pepper and salt!!!

Wow I almost forgot how Spicy Chicken McDeluxe tasted like... It was really tasty!!! Now I'm having headache because next time I don't know which to choose between Big Mac and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe... -.-"

Twice for me this week ;)

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