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Angels & Demons

by - 9:04 PM

Managed to find some time this afternoon and decided to watch this movie... Normally before I went for a movie, I would at least read a bit so that I know what that movie was all about... By judging at the title of this movie, I though it was about angels and demons... I love this kind of movies... Demon, Satan and exorcism... Movies like Exorcism of Emily Rose, Constantine and The Omen were some of my favourite...

But too bad, Angels & Demons was not about all this... In fact it was far from it... This movie was about religion and science... It was about the Illuminati(those that believe in science) and the Vatican... During the 17th century, the Vatican purged Catholics that favoured and believe in science over conflicting Church teaching... And this had led the Illuminati to becomes a secret society... So this movie was all about the Illuminati taking revenge against the Vatican (with some twist at the end)... You need to watch it...

Not really a bad movie in my opinion but my experience during the movie was not really a pleasant one... Today was the first time I watched movie alone... At first it was kinda weird but after a while, I kinda like it... My right side sat 2 "obasan" and to my left was a couple... That guy was huge!!! And I was forced to sit nearer to the obasan... I'm ok with this... Before the movie even started, the huge guy will say "WOO" when he found something interesting... Even to advertisement or preview... I though he would stop doing that during the movie and I was wrong... Haiz... He did that almost 20 times throughout the the entire movie... It was really irritating!!! And not forgeting the obasan... They though they were the script writer for this movie... They talked non stop... Discussing about the movie, what would happened next and why this happened... I was like @@... Argggggg... Can't they discussed it later after the movie finished??? Being sandwich between these 2 pairs was really a nightmare for me...

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