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Malaysia Boleh!!!

by - 5:20 PM

Wow what a way to end the weekend... Last week I went back hometown because of Mother's Day... Came back on Sunday night... Reached KL around 1am in the morning... Guessed what happen next... A police car drove right besides me and suddenly he flashes his torchlight and also his car siren... I was thinking shit... What now... Is it because of my tinted or my exhaust??? I've been stop a few times because of these... Be it the police or JPJ... 

But guessed what, neither my tinted nor my exhaust were to blame... It was because of my car insurance... I was so shocked when the policeman told me that my car insurance is not valid... Hmmm... So I asked them if my insurance was not covered how come I managed to get my roadtax renew??? I even got the receipt from my insurance company... 

And you know why I said Malaysia boleh??? I bet a lot of you didn't know that inside the police car there was a computer... Last time my friend told me that and they even said that the police car can detect how fast you are travelling and I don't believe them... I remember I told them that Malaysia is not that advance yet... Guessed I was wrong... There was a tablet PC fitted in the glovebox area... Once the policeman keyed in your vehicle number, it will show them all the details that they needed... Your address, vehicle owner, vehicle model, insurance number, roadtax number... You name it and they got it... I was so shocked to see that...

So then the policeman asked the golden question!!! So you mau saya saman??? Of course I said no... Then I told them I renew it online... Explained to them that I really don't know what happen cause I really don't... Then they told me that is ok la... You better go and checked what happen... Wow I was so shocked to hear that actually... So next time when we see a police car driving around, please don't say that they makan angin... So good can drive around... Actually they are doing their jobs... A thumbs up for 1 of the policeman, and a BIG thumbs down for the other cause he was really "lan si"... And you know what, the "lan si" one was actually the lower ranking one!!!

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