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Jogging + JPJ

by - 7:12 PM

Wow!!! Can you believe it??? I just came back from jogging... This evening I went jogging with my darling's little sis... Is been a looooooong time since I last jog... We went to the tasik near Kepong for jogging... I don't know what that place called... But normally I will just go cycling there but not jogging... 

Not even half way through and I am exhausted... Actually it was more like my legs turning JELLY!!! My mind kept telling me to go on, but too bad my legs won't coorporate with me... After that, I was like dragging myself all the way... Fuh!!! It was a tedious job for me... 

On my way back, I bumped into JPJ roadblock... Haiz... I know for sure that they gonna stop me and I was right... As usual they asked for my lisence and IC... Then one of the officer asked me to step out from my car... As I expected, he began stepping on my accelerator pedal... "Bunyi macam ni ok ke???" he asked... Then I told him that my car modified by R3 and it was a special edition vehicle... Then he asked me "kereta you Persona???" -.-"... Don't even know how to differentiate between Gen2 and Persona!!! After that, he asked one of his colleugue... "R3 ada special edition untuk Gen2 ke???" And his colleugue answered him "YES"... In my mind I was like WTF, you are a JPJ officer and you dunno anything about cars??? Haiz... What a shame... 

So he just asked me to go while showing me him damn "LANSI" face... But is ok cause I was like laughing in my heart knowing that he just made an arse out of himself!!!

(ps:- actually I had modified the existing R3 exhaust already... muahahahahahahaha)

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