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Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

by - 2:48 PM

Green Day latest album...

Need no further introduction for them as most of you will know who Green Day is... I've been listening to Green Day for such a long time since their first album... The song that make Green Day famous "Basket Case" is still one of my favorite song till now!!!

I like this latest album better than the previous one... Although this album is a bit on the softer side... The songs that I like are "21st Century Breakdown", "21 Guns" and etc... In fact I like most of the songs in this album so is really hard to pick... This album feels more grown up and mature comparing to all the previous albums... For me, this is a really good album and I believe that Green Day will sell far more than American Idiot... A good thumbs up for Green Day for bringing us such a wonderful album!!!

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