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Sushi Station

by - 9:23 PM

Went there on one weekend... Actually we ended up eating there by luck because we don't know what to eat on that particular day... So we just go to Kepong and turn a few rounds and viola... We saw Sushi Station and decided to eat there because we saw a banner there stating that it only cost RM16.80++ per pax... But to our disappointment, the RM16.80++ per pax applied for weekdays only... On weekend, it cost RM18.80++ per pax... Since only RM2.00 different, we decided to go for it...

If you fancy sushi with shabu shabu and BBQ, this is the right place for you... But don't expect to find a wide variety of sushi here and this also applied for the shabu shabu... As for the BBQ I find it acceptable because were a variety of meats available... The most important meat for me was beef... There were two types of beef... The beef were marinated in different ways... Besides beef, there was chicken, fish, cuttlefish and prawn... Hmm not too bad but please don't have high expectation as the variety of foods were a bit limited...

Overall Rating - 3/5

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