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My First Ever Cat!!!

by - 8:12 PM

My name is Windy!!!

I am a cat lover... I don't know why but I just loves cat... I will choose cats over dogs anytime... I find them really cute and independant... This is my first ever cat and I decided to name it Windy!!!

I bought this cat at Daiso... Daiso is a Japanese shop selling all sorts of things ranging from makeup, farming equipment, household equipment and etc... Something like 100 Yen Shop but in a much larger scale... All the items sold in Daiso were priced at RM5.00 per item... 10cent more than 100 Yen Shop...

So I guess most of you don't know the benefit of Windy... Windy is use to scare off birds!!! My balcony is always being bombarded by birds dropping... I tried everything and to no avail... So finally i found Windy... Currently Windy is still under probation... I will see whether Windy is up to the job in the near future and currently I am really happy with it...

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