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Goodbye N Hello!!!

by - 11:40 AM

Last Saturday, I was really sad... The reason for this was because I decided to sell off my trusty Sony Alpha 200... The Sony Alpha 200 accompanied me for around 6 months... Although the time we spent together was considered short, but it was something that I will always remembered... It was the Alpha 200 that brought me into the world of photography... But it was time to move on...

Say hello to my new sidekick!!! Behold the SONY ALPHA 300... The reason I changed my Alpha 200 to 300 was because my darling's brother decided to stop photography... We bought the camera together last year... So I took this chance to upgrade my camera... I considered it as an upgrade because Alpha 300 comes with live view... Other than that, both the camera were basically the same in terms of megapixel and functionality... Another difference between my old Alpha 200 and the new Alpha 300 was the kit lens provided... Both of us took the twin lens kit for our camera... The Alpha 200 came with a 75mm - 300mm telephoto lens while the Alpha 200 came with a 55mm - 200mm medium telephoto lens...

I can imagine the fun times that I am going to have in the future with my new Sony Alpha 300...

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