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Dragonball Evolution!!!

by - 3:06 PM

Woo hoo... I am so happy... Can't wait to watch Dragonball Evolution... Goku, my childhood hero... I am really surprise actually because I never think that Dragonball will make it to the big screen... For the past few years, I kept thinking why nobody bothers to make it into a movie... We got Spiderman, Batman, Superman and all sorts of man EXCEPT Super Saiyanman!!! Finally...

Nuffnang is giving away FREE premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia... But the catch is, you need to be a Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers in order to qualify... Actually I am qualify, weee... But I need to sent in a picture of me or my friend doing Kame Hame Ha... I don't think my friend will let me take their pic doing that... Guess I need to queue for the ticket once it is available to the public...

Nuffnang turn Super Saiyan...

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