on Feb 10, 2014

When I saw the trailer to this movie, I'm saying to myself that this will be a good movie... We got 'Frankenstein', 'Gargoyle' and also 'Demon'... What more can you ask from a movie??? But too bad the movie is not up to my expectation... And the face of this particular 'Frankenstein' is not something that I know when I was a kid... 'Frankenstein' should look way uglier and definitely not so human like!!! 

But I will give some credit to the graphic... Quite stunning I must say... But this is the norm for almost all movies coming out from 'Hollywood'... So at the end of the day, I will not recommend this movie to anyone unless you are one of my enemy... I will recommend this movie to you so that you can die out of boredom!!! 
on Feb 6, 2014
'Gong Xi Fatt Chai'!!! As today is the 7th day of 'Chinese New Year', which is also everybody birthday, I'm here wishing all my readers and everyone out there a very 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!!!

As you can see from the pics above, my princess is super excited about 'Chinese New Year'!!! This is her second year celebrating 'Chinese New Year'... The first year she was only a few months old so she don't really know anything... But this year is different as she knows how to 'GONG XI, GONG XI'!!! Time really flies!!!

Some pics of our reunion lunch... Almost the same as last year... The only different is now I'm photographing using my 'iPhone' instead of my 'DSLR'!!! With the arrival of my princess, my 'DSLR' is spending most of its time in the drybox!!! Anyway this will not stop me from stopping photography!!! Enjoy the pics...