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Phillips Avent Sterilizer

by - 8:47 PM

Nowadays it is a must for parents to be to have a set of sterilizer at home... The function of the sterilizer is simple... To sterilize the milk bottle and pacifier... Older generation will never understand the sterilizer as last time the only way to sterilize a milk bottle is throw it in boiling water and boil it...

When I knew there's a new 'Avent' sterilizer, I told my darling that this is the model that I will get... At first she don't really want me to buy this as it is much more expensive than the older model... I told her the benefit of it and in the end she gave in and I got the sterilizer that I want!!!

The benefit of this new 'Avent' sterilizer is the ability to put in lots of milk bottles with ease!!! The older version can only put in 6 milk bottles and not much space for the teat, cover or pacifier!!! Not very efficient in design if you ask me... This new version can easily swallow 6 milk bottles with lots of room to spare!!!

If you go travelling you can just carry the top part and leave the middle section at home... Less bulky and that's the beauty of this new 'Avent' sterilizer... Highly recommended for those looking for a sterilizer... You will definitely love it...

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