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Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore

by - 6:29 PM

When one visit 'Singapore', what is the food that's high on the must eat list??? For me, definitely the chilli crab... I know we can get chilli crab here in 'Malaysia' as well but according to my darling (who had tasted it before), it was one of the best crab she ever tasted and not forgetting the size of the claw!!!

So this time round, my wonderful friends in 'Singapore' decided to let me feast my eyes and not forgetting my taste bud as well on this culinary wonder...

 Fried mini squid that is super duper crunchy and flavourful!!!

Very sinful to eat this!!! Guess my cholesterol level will sky-rocket to a new height!!! BIG prawns by the way...

Here comes the cream of the crop!!! 

OMG, notice the super duper BIG crab claw??? According to the waiter, I'm really unfortunate because the supply of crabs that day were a lot smaller... What??? This is BIG enough for me!!! The taste is definitely better than those I've tried in 'Malaysia' and there is no doubt about that... Besides that, the crab is super fresh and the meat is juicy and sweet as well... My God, I totally agree with my darling now...

Just look at the claw and they said this is one of the smallest around!!! Hmm notice anything unusual??? They actually provide apron for their customers!!! That's not all because besides apron, they provide gloves as well!!! All my friends decided to wear it and I go the manly way of dirtying my hands and shirt!!! Frankly speaking, I regretted for not wearing the apron cause my shirt is bloody awful at the end of the day!!!

Gloves that I mention earlier...

One of the side dish that really compliments the chilli crab is none other than deep fried 'mantou'... In 'Malaysia' we only have deep fried version (if I'm not wrong)...

But in 'Jumbo' they serve steamed one as well... As I don't fancy steam stuff, so I did not try it... No comment on how it goes with the chilli crab gravy but what I can say is deep fried 'mantou' with chilli crab gravy rocks!!!

They have a lot of other variants but we opt for chilli and black pepper... Doesn't look promising at first glance but trust me, after sinking my teeth on one, I'm hook... And at the end of the day, black pepper is the one I choose... Surprisingly but yes, it is that good!!!

Bottom line is, 'Jumbo' really knows a thing or two on cooking crabs!!! This is by far the best crab experience I have... Thanks to all my friends in 'Singapore' for this lovely dinner... :) 

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
Blk 1206 East Coast Parkway #01-07/08,
East Coast Seafood Centre,
449883 Singapore. 

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