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The Sorcerer And The White Snake

by - 10:10 PM

'The Sorcerer And The White Snake' is essentially a remake of the ever popular legend... And I'm very sure most of you heard or know about the legend of the white snake... So before watching this movie, I roughly know what the storyline will be... So whether this movie will be a memorable one depends solely on the little details that they are putting in...

First of all, let's talk about the CGI... I'm kind of stuck in between love and hate... I love the way they make the wave and flood nearing the end of the movie... But I absolutely hated the way they make the snakes and other animals... Too fake to my liking and there is really a huge gap between movies from 'Hong Kong' and 'Hollywood' in terms of CGI... Nonetheless, there is improvement if you ask me...

So let's move on to the storyline... Nothing much to talk about I guess... Is the same story over and over again... A thousand years old white snake that has taken human form falls in love with a man... Obviously the man does not know that the woman that he love is in fact a white snake... I guess that's about it... Quite frankly, I'm a bit bored and the only thing that keeps me sitting in the cinema is 'Eva Huang'!!! She's absolutely gorgeous and this alone is worth the money!!! I just can't take my eyes of her... Apart from that, boring...

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