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Wiring = Headache!!!

by - 5:40 PM

Damn look at all the wire!!! This is one of the toughest job according to my mechanic... He promise me that all the meter will be working except the 'economy' meter... I'm okay with it cause I don't really care about that particular meter anyway... The purpose of the 'economy' meter is to let you know how heavy is your right foot on the accelerator pedal...

Bought my turbo timer and boost meter for him to install as well... Will be getting myself a speed meter in order to bypass the speed cut which limits the car to 180km/h only and for backup just in case the analog meter don't work... At least I still know how fast I'm going... But the speed reading will not be accurate anymore because of the rear axle ratio... The 'Toyota' uses a 4.1 ratio whereas my 'Merz' uses a 3.27 ratio... By using the 'Merz' original axle, the acceleration will suffer but I will gain top speed... If you ask me, I prefer acceleration more than top speed but I'm going to use the original axle first... If I break it, then I will definitely go for a 'Toyota' or 'Nissan' unit with a higher ratio!!!

This is my only concern regarding my engine mod... The fan is way too close to the radiator... My mechanic told me in order to solve this problem, I need to change to a electric fan or get myself a hydraulic fan kit found on the 'Toyota Chaser' halfcut... I decided to try it out first before changing anything so I'm keeping my finger cross... Hopefully nothing goes wrong!!! (Some spoiler on what happen!!! My gamble doesn't pays off and I'm paying for it now... Something BIG happens... If you read my blog, I'm very sure you know what happen as I've posted it!!!)

Messy interior... Oh ya, anyone wants this steering??? I'm not using it anymore cause I got myself a new one as this don't really goes well with my car now...

The new 'Toyota ECU' residing in the same place where the old 'Merz ECU' used to be... Another BIG mistake I made asking my mechanic to place the 'Toyota ECU' there!!! Will blog about this later...

Air filter on... Now the filter looks so tiny fitted to this engine... When I used it on my previous car, it doesn't look so apparent!!!

To be continue...

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