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New Sun-visor For FrankenBenz

by - 7:57 PM

The thing that I hated most on the interior of my 'FrankenBenz' was the sun-visor... Just take a look at the pic and you will know why... Although I don't use the sun-visor, but looking at it makes me feel like puking!!! So I decided to search for a second hand one as I'm sure that it was almost impossible to get a new 'ORIGINAL' one nowadays!!!

And finally, I found what I wanted!!! This was a newer version and it looks so much cooler than the one in my car... The price was steep but good things like this seldom comes along often... So I took the brave pill and bought the damn thing!!!

Damn... It looks good!!! Making my 'FrankenBenz' a few years younger now...

To be continue...

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