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18" AMG Rims For FrankenBenz

by - 9:10 PM

These are the new rims that I'm talking about... In order to fit the 'ATE' four piston calipers to my car, I need BIGGER rims!!! So after searching around I finally found the rims that I want... At first I don't really know which rims to choose because I still can't made up my mind on which route to take and besides that, it is not easy to find rims with PCD 112 which is what my car is using... Most car uses the usual PCD 100 and PCD 114.4 which is super duper easy to find... So finally I decided to stick to original 'Mercedes' item hence the 'AMG' rims!!!

These 'AMG' rims are 18" all round but staggered... The front is 8.5" wide as the rear is 9" wide... As for the tyres, the front is 235 while the rear is 265 and the offset is 32 front and 35 rear if I'm not mistaken... Frankly speaking, these specification don't really suits the W124 as the tyres and rims are wider than the fender!!!

As you can see from this pic, the tyre is wider than the fender... The front is even worse!!! So obviously this lead to another project which is to wider the fender!!! Haiz one mod leads to another!!!

The left is my new set and the one on the right is the old one... Just look at the different!!! So much wider and I'm loving it!!! My car looks so much meaner now!!!

To be continue...

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