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New Brake Pad For '308 Turbo'

by - 11:39 PM

Guess I'm getting old nowadays... I totally forgot about it!!! Actually the brake pad change is before I change the tyres for the '308 Turbo'... It cost me RM5xx just for the front brake pad... In my opinion, I think that the price is a bit steep because these are OEM brake pad and not performance brake pad!!! But frankly speaking, the performance is rather good because after repeated high speed stop, I can't feel any brake fade at all...

The '308 Turbo' came equipped with 'Bosch' brake pad while the replacement one is OEM for 'Peugeot/Citroen'... Kind of weird because I though the car should come equip with OEM one instead of 'Bosch'??? But this is a small problem because the performance level of both brake pad are rather similar... Just praying that the OEM one will last a little longer than the 'Bosch'!!! Or maybe I should just change my driving style???

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