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All's Well End's Well 2011

by - 9:40 PM

Normally what did most people do for recreations during Chinese New Year??? I guess the answer was almost the same for the average Joe!!! Playing cards, mahjong and I'm very sure watching movie is on the list as well... This applies to me as well...

This is the first movie that I watch during this Chinese New Year and luckily I don't have high expectation on it... But if you ask me, I like this movie better than the previous one which have the very same name albeit with a different year at the end... I think 'Chapman To' did a very good job because he's the one who made me laugh the hardest!!! Other than that, don't expect too much from it because the storyline is kind of lame and it is not that funny (only a few scenes that I find it funny) as well so this made me leaving the cinema wanting for more!!!

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