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Galileo Galilei

by - 4:34 PM

Tell me what do you think of when you first heard this name... 'Galileo Galilei'??? I'm very sure you will think of this...

He was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and also a philosopher who played a very important role in the 'Scientific Revolution'!!! I'm so sorry but I am not referring to this 'Galileo Galilei'... Instead I'm referring to a group of youngster that came from Japan...

This is their latest single... I find them really talented because the oldest band member is only 20 years old while the youngest is merely 17!!! Besides that, they already had an album an two singles out...

I find their songs really nice... I've been listening to Japanese band since secondary school... But I only listen to 2 bands which are 'Glay' and 'Luna Sea'... Now I'm adding another one which is 'Galileo Galilei'... In this single, I really like their second song which is '四ツ葉さがしの旅人'... Even though I don't understand the song title nor the lyrics but I still find this song really entertaining... Highly recommended!!!

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