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by - 9:39 PM

Just came back from Ipoh and Penang and this is a really tiring trip!!! Physically and mentally tired!!! Normally I won't complain about driving because I love driving!!! But I just can't stand it anymore!!!

Let me explain why I'm physically and mentally tired... Ok I will start will physical first... The constant BRAKING is making me tired... My right foot is spending more time on the brake pedal as oppose to the accelerator!!! Can you imagine that... Lots of cars is one of the reason... Another reason is 'ROAD HOGGER'!!! And this lead to mentally tired... Why??? The reason is very simple... I'm really forcing myself to calm down in order not to piss myself off... I really HATE road hogger... They are a menace to the society which contributes to nothing but 'ROAD RAGE'!!!

So today I'm going to give some guidance on how to drive on the express/highway...

1. Driving 110km/h DOES NOT gives you the right to hog on the fast lane... I'm very sure there are a lot of cars that travel much faster than you... So MOVE ASIDE DUDE!!!

2. Whenever you see someone flashing their headlights from behind, then it is time to MOVE ASIDE DUDE!!! Don't try to outrun the guy behind because the guy behind will definitely know that he can outrun you hence the flashing of their headlights in the first place...

3. Please don't keep on depressing your brake pedal when you DON'T HAVE the BALLS to drive fast!!! So the best thing you can do is, MOVE ASIDE DUDE!!! I know most guys have the balls but unfortunately there are some guys out there that have 'TITANIUM BALLS'... So don't play play with those...

So as a conclusion, just move aside whenever you see someone approaching you from behind fast!!!

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