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Ip Man 2

by - 9:29 PM

This movie falls under my 'Most Anticipated Movie of 2010' category... As soon as I know that it will be screen in late April, I've been counting down the days till last Saturday which is 1th of May (my Labour Day gift???)

Now this very movie also falls under my other category which is my 'Top 10 Movies of 2010'!!! This movie is just plain awesome... After the movie I was left speechless... All the fight scenes were done perfectly without any hint of exaggeration... Well done Sammo Hung... A lot of people will say that Jackie Chan or Jet Li is the king of martial art but to me, I think Donnie Yen is the man!!! I've always like Donnie Yen over all the others... I like his fighting style more than anyone else... If Ip Man is still alive now, I'm sure he will be very proud of Donnie Yen and I will ask Ip Man to accept me as his disciple!!! ;)

As for the movie line, I find no fault at all... Love it from the beginning till the end... If you are a Chinese or Asian, please go and watch this movie... I'm not starting any racist issue here but............ Just see it for yourself... It makes me feel proud to be a Chinese and also an Asian!!!

So, watch this movie without any doubt because it is really that good... Now waiting for the right time to watch 'Iron Man 2'... Still finding a movie that can topple 'Ip Man 2' from the throne in my very own 'Top 10 Movies of 2010' and I know that it won't be an easy task!!!

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