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Korea Day 4 (Supper)

by - 9:21 PM

This is our supper for day 4... We bought some tempura prawn and squid, grill squid, snow crab and some snail <---- don't know the correct name but it sure looks like snail to me!!!

The snail that I mention earlier... I don't dare to eat because the thing is freaking BIG!!! According to my darling, it doesn't taste nice... The texture is really hard and tough and it is really hard to chew!!!

Grill squid... I like this a lot but not my darling... She don't like the taste of the rice... I don't blame her because the taste is really hard to describe...

Lastly the snow crab... The meat is really sweet and juicy... But the only place that you can find them is the leg... It looks big but frankly speaking, not much meat to eat...

To be continue...

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