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Clash Of The Titans

by - 8:41 PM

Watched this movie a couple of weeks ago but recently I guessed I'd been bitten by the 'lazy bug'!!! As far as this movie concern, I heard a lot of mixed reviews as usual... Some said nice while some others totally hated it... I guessed I'm the one who fall into the 'LIKE' category...

As I mentioned previously in my other blog posting, I really liked movies regarding Greek mythology... Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Medusa, Hades and etc... So automatically this movie falls into my 'MUST WATCH' list of movies...

Although this movie is available in 3D, I opt for the 2D version instead because a lot of people said that the 3D effect is really minimal... In my opinion, I find this movie quite entertaining and I will recommend this movie to those that like Greek mythology... No great, but at least it's not boring!!!

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