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Korea Day 1 (Seafood Steamboat Dinner)

by - 7:54 PM

Oh my God!!! That's the first reaction I got when I saw this... Awesome stuff... It looks delicious, smells really nice and definitely looks the part... Just look at all the seafood... This was one of the best meal ever in Korea... All the seafood were super duper fresh and not forgetting sweeeeet!!! I'm really curious but all the seafood were really really sweet... Not those kind of sugary or MSG sweet... That's the original sweetness from the seafood itself... I've never eaten anything like this before!!! I can guaranteed that you won't find this kind of freshness in Malaysia... In fact, this was the best seafood meal that I ever had in my life!!!

I don't know what they called this but I kinda like it a lot... But my darling hated it... Actually it tasted like 'unagi'!!! Hmm I think that's the reason why I loved it... I'm a BIG time 'unagi' fans!!!

Arghhhhh!!! There's no escaping from all these side dishes!!!

To be continue...

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