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Avatar 3D

by - 9:43 PM

Avatar 3D... One word to sum it up... Awesome!!! In terms of CGI, this is the best ever... I was blown away the moment I put on my 3D glass... I'm afraid it was really that awesome... I don't know about 2D though... I heard a lot of good review regarding this movie and I must agree with most... A few months ago, I was really skeptical about this movie... The reason for this was because it looks fake when I watched the trailer... But when I watched the movie for real... OMG!!! Even my darling praised the CGI... Mind you she's not a movie freak like me and she don't give a damn about CGI...

The storyline was kind of basic... In my opinion, I felt that the front half of the movie was a bit slow paced... But at least you can enjoyed at the really cool CGI... I personally really like the second half of the movie... A really big thumbs up for the director for bringing us this really awesome movie... Really recommended and remember to watch it in 3D!!! A great way to end year 2009!!!

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