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Fiery Crunch By KFC

by - 5:35 PM

New from KFC... For the time being, Fiery Crunch will replace the original Hot and Spicy...

For me, I can taste lemongrass, lime and some other spices... Besides that, it is a bit more spicy... But if you ask me, I prefer it to be spicier... Maybe KFC wants to cater to more people as not all people like spicy food...

But if you ask me, I will choose the normal Hot and Spicy over Fiery Crunch as I don't really fancy sour food... You can really taste the sourness of it... Sour = Yes, Spicy/Hot = No... But no harm giving it a try... Something different I must say... Maybe to some, it might excite their taste bud... But definitely not me...

Overall Rating - 3/5

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