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Evolution X Police Car

by - 9:57 PM

25 units of Mitsubishi Evolution X were purchased by the Royal Malaysian Police... The Evolution X that our police bought were different from what Mitsubishi Malaysia offered... These high performance police car came equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission whereas those sold by Mitsubishi Malaysia came equipped with a 6 speed twin clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) automated manual transmission...

I know this is an old news already... But till today, I have never seen the car on the road before... Guessed today was my lucky day as I spotted 2 units around Kepong area... I was stunned for a while because I'm used to see Waja or Perdana police car and never a high performance car for our Malaysian police force... Thumbs up for our police force but frankly speaking, I don't really see the purpose of these cars other than chasing other faster cars... But what's the odd of having a high speed chase in Malaysia??? Hmm nevertheless, it is a cool addition to our mundane looking police car fleet... What can I say... "MALAYSIA BOLEH"

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