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Say HooRay for McDonald's

by - 4:06 PM

Yahooooo... Finally McDonald's decided to make their lunch more affordable... I must really bow and salute McDonald's management because they decided to cut their prices at such a time where everyone else try to increase their prices... As you know, worldwide economy recession... Pay cut, bonus cut, but prices of goods keep on rising except for McDonald's... Even "chap fan" aka economy rice are NOT so economy anymore... Being a avid McDonald's supporter, I am really happy for this because I got more excuse to eat it more often... :) 

There were 4 sets to choose from... Fillet-O Fish, McChicken, Nuggets and Double Cheese Burger... In my opinion, I believe Double Cheese is the most value for money set because you got 2 pieces of beef patty and 2 slices of cheese... The ingredients are almost the same as Big Mac but with a much cheaper price tag... Another GOOD news is McDonald's decided to include weekend as well... Previously this promotion is valid for weekdays only... Another hooray for McDonald's...

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