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iPhone 3G Via Maxis

by - 4:55 PM

Good news for those who wants to buy an iPhone but prefer not to crack it... Finally after such a long period iPhone 3G is now available via Maxis... I am not very sure about the plans they have but you can go to Maxis website... http://www.maxis.com.my/iphone/rateplan1.asp... 

After using iPhone for more than a year, I highly recommend it because iPhone is really cool... You can customize everything according to your needs... Besides that, the iPhone community are really huge... Lots of third party programs/applications and games available for download or purchase... What you need to do is install iTunes... iTunes is the portal to your iPhone... You sync everything through iTunes... If you wanna purchase games or applications, you do it using iTunes as well... Is really convenient... 

Before iPhone I used to prefer PDA, but sometimes PDA are really a pain in the arse... Sometimes they lag/hang/restart/hard reset on you... I speak from my experience... As for iPhone, none of the above mention happen... So for the time being you won't see me using PDA... What I can say is as long as iPhone is around I won't be using PDA... But there is one phone that I am really interested in... If it really make it into production, maybe it will be the phone that I will change to just to test it out... And the phone is "Google Phone"...

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