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HKS & Blitz Engine Oil

by - 9:40 PM

Is time to service both mine and darling's car again... Before I started using Blitz full synthetic oil, I used to prefer HKS semi synthetic oil... The reason I stopped using HKS was because the local distributor decided to stop importing HKS semi synthetic oil... Instead they started to import Blitz full synthetic oil... So I got no choice but to change... But is ok because both these brands were my favourite... Either one will do...

When I am using HKS, I felt that my car was really revvy... The whole car felt lighter and you can easily rev to the red line in every gear...

Then I changed to Blitz, and I am really amazed at the performance it produced... Really impressive... My car felt so much lighter and it was really easy to rev... The performance was really beyond my expectation... So much better compared to HKS... No regrets changing from HKS to Blitz... Highly recommended to petrolheads alike...

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