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Tamiya DF03RA Chassis

by - 9:43 PM

RC rallying... Nowadays is quite hard to find a chassis that is specific for rallying... Fear no more... This is one of the latest car that is going to be release by Tamiya... This car uses modify DF03 chassis and is call DF03RA... With this new chassis, it enable the car to sit higher and uses longer stroke suspension... The reason for this is because rallying is mostly off road and longer suspension travel is a must... And obviously it uses 4WD and shaft drive... All the drive train gear are enclose so you don't have to worry about dust or pebble when you take it out for a spin...

This chassis comes with 2 types of rear suspension arms which wheelbase adjustment, enabling fitting of short wheelbase (251mm) bodyshell... Besides that, this chassis comes with 3 different gear ratio... 8.22:1, 7.90:1 and 7.16:1... It also includes two spur gears (78T and 75T) as well as two pinion gears (29T and 32T)... So there are plenty of gear ratio for you to choose... This chassis is a must for those die hard rally fans... Look no further...

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