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Muchmore Ultra High RPM Fan

by - 10:19 AM

Muchmore 25mm x 25mm

Muchmore 30mm x 30mm

There are two sizes to choose from... 25mm x 25mm and 30mm x 30mm... This fan is usually use for ESC... I am using 30mm x 30mm for my ESC because I accidentally broke my original ESC fan... Without a fan, the ESC will definitely overheat... Instead of getting those China brand, I opted for Muchmore cause it is a very reputable brand and the performance is really insane... The fan turns at a very high speed hence the name ultra high RPM... Now my ESC run much cooler and definitely won't overheat...

So whats the benefit of running better fan for my ESC and motor cooler posted in my previous post??? Longer runtime... I don't have to stop drifting halfway just because the ESC and motor is overheating...

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