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Bagman Backpack

by - 11:49 AM

Yesterday I bought a backpack for my camera... The backpack is from Bagman... It is sort of like a Crumpler clone, but cheaper... In fact a lot more cheaper... This bag cost me RM292 while Crumpler will cost you RM569... So you do the math... I am quite impress with the quality... Besides having a full compartment for my camera, there are a lot of small compartments... So it is actually a very good backpack for neat freak like me... For the camera compartment, you can actually customize it according to your needs... Besides that, you can put your laptop as well... But if your laptop is 17", I am so sorry to tell you that it won't fit in...

Another reason I like this backpack is because you can actually take out the camera compartment... So if you don't need to carry your camera around, you can use it as a normal backpack... When the camera compartment is taken out, it can actually swallow a lot of things just like a normal backpack... What I can say is it is a very versatile backpack...

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